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Function Assessment Measures

  • Alzheimer’s Disease Co-operative Study - Activities of Daily Living Inventory (ADCS-ADL)
    Purpose: An inventory of informant based items to assess activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living, i.e. functional performance, of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).
    Admin time:  15 min
    User Friendly: 
    Administered by:  Informant/proxy rating scale. Informant = someone who spends at least  2 days a week with the patient.
    Most Appropriate:  Primary, Community, and Residential Care. Assessing functional performance.
  • Disability Assessment for Dementia (DAD)
    Purpose: Assessment of functional disability for caregivers of community-dwelling persons with AD. Quantitatively measures functional abilities in activities of daily living (ADL) in individuals with cognitive impairment such as dementia.
    Admin time:  Less than 15 min
    User Friendly:  Practical and easy to administer
    Administered by:  Trained observer
    Most Appropriate: Primary, Community and Residential Care. It is recommended interviewing  the patient away from the patient.
  • Cleveland Scale for Activities of Daily Living (CSALD)
    Purpose: Designed to measure in detail specific activities of daily living in individuals with dementia.
    Admin time:  10-20 min
    User Friendly:  Admin is medium and scoring is complicated.  Need to be familiar with manual.
    Administered by:  Informant/proxie rating based on interview.
    Most Appropriate:  
    Primary, Community, and Residential Care. People living in the community.
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